Nematex Tiller is a vegetable cover based on Daikon horseradish and Ramolaccio which guarantees rapid soil coverage and a high biomass upon chopping, particularly suitable for soils with structure and nematode problems. The action of Daikon horseradish – with its roots that deepen up to 30-40 cm – serves to improve the structure (tillage Radish), while the action of radish – rich in glucosinolates – has an anti-nematode activity, both also contribute to a good activation of Biodiversity.


Sowing time: From September to January.
Sowing dose: 12 Kg x ha with seed drill, 15 Kg x ha with broadcast. In both cases, cover the seed with a layer of earth and roll where possible.
Usage: Vineyard, horticultural crops both in the open field and in the greenhouse, orchard.
Cultivation tips: Shred and immediately bury the crop when it reaches full flowering
Packaging: 5-10-25 kg bags, also available organic.