De Corato Sementi is a leading production company in Italy involved in vegetable seeds production with a specialization in onions.

The company, established in Andria since 1886 with the name “ G. DE CORATO & F” is a family ownership and from 1922 its activity tended to export vegetable seeds to other European countries.

Today De Corato Sementi runs with the 4th and 5th generation ownership and exports vegetable seeds in 48 countries thanks to the complete trust conquered in so many years of full satisfaction of customers.

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Our aim is to grow high quality seeds which will satisfy the most demanding customers.

We reach this goal working with our experience, choosing the best locations and thanks to the cooperation of our skilled farmers.

Our company is located in the south part of Italy in the city of Andria, in Puglia region that is the first Italian Region for the production of “allium types” and many other vegetable seeds due to the sunny, windy and dry climate with the influence of the Adriatic sea.

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SP2 (ex SP231)
Km. 50.800
76123 Andria (BT)

Phone: +39 0883 54.10.42
Fax:      +39 0883 54.28.83
[email protected]

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