DSA: linea sovescio
DSA: linea sementi da sovescio

Green manure is a completely natural agronomic practice that allows for a rapid improvement in the conditions and health of the soil while respecting eco-sustainable agriculture. Other advantages of green manure are:

  • Improvement of the structure: thanks to the exploratory capacity of the roots (up to 70 cm) it manages to carry out excellent mechanical tillage of the soil, breaking up the compact layers even in depth.
  • Erosion containment: thanks to the development of the plant it manages to contain soil erosion and runoff on sloping terrain..
  • Supply of organic substance: this crop produces a very high biomass which, once buried, brings benefits to the first 30 cm of the soil, increases the organic substance in the soil, returns non-washable nitrogen but above all potassium and phosphorus in an assimilable form.
  • Soil tiredness: Green manure with Nematex eliminates the problem of soil tiredness and speeds up replanting processes even in critical crop successions where the health risks due to the presence of nematodes and viruses are not to be overlooked.
  • Microflora: thanks to the bioactive substances there is an activation of the useful microflora and a containment of pathogens.

What is green manure with biofumigant solutions used for?

With the Nematex line we offer various species alternatives with biocidal action against pathogenic fungi, nematodes and elaterids. The high concentrations of biofumigant compounds naturally resolve the problems linked to the tiredness of agricultural land. In addition to the biocidal action, Nematex selections provide up to 120 tons of biomass, improving the balance of organic substance present in the soil.

What is the purpose of the Nitrogen-fixing and Nectariferous Green Manure withGeocover solutions?

With the Geocover Nitrofix line we offer a valid alternative to the use of fertilizers through the nitrogen-fixing action of 5 legumes in a mixture. With the Geocover Nectar line we offer beekeepers a plant cover that encourages and preserves pollinating insects.


Natural Biofumigation and Green Manuring


Natural Biofumigation and Green Manuring


Natural Biofumigation and Green Manuring


Natural Biofumigation and Green Manuring


Natural Biofumigation and Green Manuring