Geocover Nectar is a vegetable covering based on honey plants which guarantees good nitrogen fixation at a limited height, magnificent visual appearance during flowering, particularly appreciated by pollinating insects and especially bees. Geocover Nectar is a mixture of seeds for plant cover suitable for meeting the requirements of ECOSCHEMA 5.

Geocover Nectar is a mixture based on:
Radish 25%
Brown Mustard 25%
Carrot 10%
Ravizzone 15%
Chicory 15%
Dill (Anethum Graveolens) 5%
Wild rocket 5%

improvement of the structure
biofumigation action
biocidal action

Sowing time: From September to March.
Sowing dose: 10 kg per ha, possibly rolling before or after sowing.
Usage: Vineyard, orchard and beekeeping.
Cultivation tips: Use approximately 10Kg of seed, sow in alternate rows, covering the seed with a veil of earth (1-2 cm.). Too deep burial can cause poor plant emergence and a low density of plants per m2.
Packaging: 5/10/25 kg bags.

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